In the event of an accident . - Contact our Accident Helpline first on 0845 2 937 937



Following an accident no matter how much or how little damage is caused you expect your car restored to its original condition if not better.  At Phoenix Autobody Repairs we aim to return your car fixed with undetectable repairs even by an expert. 







Discuss fault, responsbility or circumstances with involved parties

Drive the vehicle if it seems unsafe.

Accept payment fo r your car repairs at the scene of the accident of from anyone until you are certain all repair costs are covered.


Exchange names, addresses and phone numbers and those of any possible witnesses.

Try and take photos of the vehicles and the entire area where the accident has occured.

Phoenix Autobody Repairs has appointed ACH Ltd as their official partner to administer accident management services. ACH Ltd is one of the UK's market leaders in non accident management and legal service solotuions, including vehicle repalcement claims handling assistance, uninsured loss recovery, personal injury management servies, as well as a host of besploke services.

Clink on the link to read more about ACH and the fantastic services you will receive.



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